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The NETC@RDS project deploys an online service for the electronic European Health Insurance Card (eHIC) in 15 EFTAEU countries. The service – already successfully tested in 85 pilot-sites across 10 EU membr states during the previous market validation phase – is currently extending beyond the existing implementations to improve health care access for European mobile citizens, pan-European data exchange and patiens and health professionals collaboration.

The NETC@RDS service for the electronification of the EHIC serves three distinct processes:

  • automated data capture for identification based on a common set of data elements,
  • on-line verification of entitlement rights via national portals, and
  • minimal data provision contributing to back-office interstate-billing.

The partners of the NETC@RDS Consortium are the providers of the NETC@RDS Services, and include health care providers and health insurance agencies from 13 EU member states and 2 EFTA countries.

The consortium is composed of:

Statutory health insurance or health fund organisations
Technical and research institutions or standardisation bodies acting on behalf of the health insurance organisations
Hospital and/or health professional associations
Regional government
The Consortium is politically supported by government health authorities and sponsored by industrial partners.

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