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Attendance Systems

The need for tracking attendance does not only arise from legal obligations to keep records regarding employee working time. It can also be used for efficient business management or monitoring children’s stay at school.

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Efficient system regardless of the workplace

Do you want to ensure your employees do their job properly and to the best of their abilities? Do you want to monitor their work trips and have confidence that they actually do the tasks they were assigned to do?

Whether you are in the agriculture, security, or healthcare business, with us, you will get a system that fully meets your needs and expectations.

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Record keeping on-line

All our record keeping systems work on-line anywhere in the world where there is a Wi-Fi connection or data signal. This means that all data is available to you at any time in real time.

However, if you find yourself out of range of any signal, no need to worry! The data is stored in the readers, and you can easily update everything as soon as you are connected again.

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Streamlining management processes

The data from our systems will tell you how efficient your employees are, how long it took them to complete a specific task, or whether they arrived at the right place at the right time.

The insights gained in this way will help you to quickly streamline your company’s management processes.

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Variability within individual systems

No workplace is the same as another. Something we at IMA know very well – and that is exactly why we tailor each of our systems to the specific needs of the client.

In addition, you will be able to connect the system to your accounting or payroll module, for example, as well as customize the automatically generated outputs.

Which attendance system to choose?

The main criteria for choosing:


Number of people (staff, pupils) and overall complexity of your management process.


Purpose of data collection and outputs.


Connection to third party systems.

IMAcheck Attend

Comprehensive attendance system

How does the attendance system work?

All systems from the IMAcheck family work on a common principle and contain one central element – a terminal used to record work performance or e.g. time spent on a given task.

The actual recording is then done via ID elements (tags, cards, or mobile phones). 

The collected data is automatically sent to our servers, from which it goes directly to you in the format of your choice.

How is the attendance system implemented in practice?


First, an initial consultation will take place to allow us to determine which system option is the most suitable for you.



Afterwards, we will check what other systems or applications you need to connect the attendance system to.


Next, we will prepare a price offer for you along with the recommended ID technologies.


If we agree on everything, we can get straight to work! Along with the system itself, we will also install any extensions according to your individual requirements.


All done! The system from the IMAcheck family now monitors your management process and you get the data from us in the format we agreed on in the consultation.


We will train your administrators and show them how to operate the system.


We will provide you with support to the extent of your choice.


You can choose from a wide range of RFID tags or ID cards, but you can also use mobile phones. Even biometrics are a viable option.

For attendance systems, you can use our attendance terminals or a mobile phone with Android.

But at the same time, any of our readers installed on the door can also serve as a source of data about a person’s presence.

Where will we be able to work with the data collected by your system?

The data can be exported in virtually any format. For example, in xls or csv in order to be imported into your company information system.

How much will it all cost?

The purchase of each of our systems is always preceded by an individual price offer. The quotation is always based on the specific requirements and complexity of the customer’s wishes.

The data is stored off-line in the terminal and downloaded to the cloud (i.e. the database) when the device connects to the network.

Every installation – no matter the complexity – comes with long-term support. Depending on the needs and demands of the project, we are also able to arrange customized support and response time options.

We encourage you to contact us – no matter your requirements, we will design a solution that will suit your specific needs.

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