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System for Dispensing Work Supplies and Protective Equipment

Are you looking for a way to automate the dispensing of work supplies and protective equipment at your workplace? Do you want to save time and costs? With our system for PPE vending machines, you get a robust tool that works with your internal systems, monitors the type and quantity of equipment dispensed, and provides legally required record keeping.

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Fully automated dispensing of work supplies and protective equipment

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Possibility of connection to internal systems including warehouse management

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Variable configuration and permission settings

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Management via mobile application and on-line interface

A solution suitable for:

Main advantages of the system


Clear and efficient dispensing of PPE

The AVEPOP system is designed to streamline and automate the operation of vending machines for work and protective equipment. It can be used wherever PPE is issued for eye, respiratory, hearing, hand protection, etc. If you have a large consumption of protective and work equipment, the system will help you save significant costs.


Possibility of connection to internal systems

AVEPOP does not necessarily have to operate as a stand-alone unit – it can be linked to any internal attendance, identification, or record keeping system, even warehouse management systems. Thanks to this, you get a robust tool that will become an integral and fully automated part of your business operations. What is more, the system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Possibility of operation on machines of different types and manufacturers

One of the main advantages of our system for PPE vending machines is its adaptability and high variability. No matter what type of vending machine you run, who manufactured it, or what kind of work equipment it dispenses, we can run the system on virtually any platform.


Fully automatic operation

When it comes to the installation of our systems – not just AVEPOP – we follow three simple rules: install, program, and leave to do its job. With us, you can be sure that the machine operates automatically without the need for any interventions. AVEPOP thus saves you time along with financial resources.


Management via mobile app

Forget about complicated operation or an army of administrators. Our system can be managed through a simple mobile application which your administrators can access based on their username, password, and set access rights. Of course, the application is available in multiple languages.


Permission settings

As part of the system configuration, you will be able to set up user templates that reflect the employee structure of your workplace. The individual user groups can differ based on their entitlements to work and protective equipment, access to different types of equipment, and so on.



In addition to the possibility of operating on different types of machines, AVEPOP is also characterized by a high variability in terms of functionality. It can work with predefined templates for data processing, dispense equipment according to set rules, be linked to internal attendance or record keeping systems, work with warehouse management, consider preset hazardous situations, and much more.

How can our system for dispensing PPE work in practice?

Your employee walks up to the vending machine, registers with their ID card, and automatically receives the protective equipment they are entitled to based on the parameters set. Each machine contains electronics along with a card reader or other means of verifying your employee IDs.

Information about dispensing is then sent to your warehouse management system, the on-line status tracking interface, the identification system, and any other module to which the system is linked.

Our system will thus keep track of the records for you, give you confidence that the correct items are being issued, and alert you when some type of PPE needs to be replenished.

Our PPE dispensing machines are already used by:

30× Dallmayr food vending machine with our IMA-A5 system, 18× AVEPOP carousel glove dispensing machine with IMA-A5 system
Brose Kopřivnice

Details about the system for PPE dispensing machines




Control unit: VPU.09

Reader: RSW.05

Identifier: RFID tags, cards

Software equipment: A5Server, A5Client


As part of the installation, we will set up the automated machines and configure access rights according to pre-agreed templates. Your administrator will be given access to the administrator desktop application, which will allow him to make adjustments, monitor dispensing, or change some system parameters. The vending machines themselves then run automatically according to the settings.

How is our system for PPE dispensing machines installed and how does its subsequent operation look in practice?


We start with an initial consultation to find out what type of vending machines you run, what your dispensing requirements are, and what our system needs to work with. Depending on the scale of the operation, we will then determine the number of components required, and agree on how to work with the data collected.


We will prepare a price offer for you along with the recommended ID technologies.


If necessary, we will prepare the connection of our system to one of your company modules.


We are on our way to you! We will install the AVEPOP system exactly as we agreed.


All done! The system is up and running, data is being collected, and you are dispensing work equipment more efficient than ever.


Upon agreement, we can modify the system to work with any catering, access control, or other system used by your company. We can adapt to the interface of virtually any system.

IMA specializes in access control systems and SW/HW development, not in reselling vending machines.

Do we need our own server and data network?

The vending machine can be connected via LAN (cable / Wi-Fi) or mobile LTE network. Due to easier connection to downstream ERP systems (cafeteria, attendance, etc.), we prefer installation on your corporate network and server. With sufficient mobile signal at the vending machine’s location, the system can be equally well operated on LTE connection with installation on a cloud server.

Yes, the vending machine can operate in a protected mode even without a connection to the control server. This is an emergency solution in case of a connection failure. When the connection is restored, all data is automatically transferred to the server.

On each of the vending machines, it is possible to set a critical level/amount of goods. When this level is reached, the system will send you an e-mail, bringing this fact to your attention.

The vending machine communicates this information by rejecting the transaction and illuminating the red light on the card reader. An explanatory message may also be displayed on the machine’s display.

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