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Family Houses

Family Houses or Apartments

Access control system, electronic security system, and CCTV

When it comes to family houses and apartments, the requirements are generally straightforward – you want your family and assets to be as safe as possible.

It can be achieved with a simple access control system, electronic security system, intercom, but also cameras.


Přístupový systém neotevře nikomu cizímu.


Garáž si otevřete i mobilem a snadno udělíte přístup návštěvě.


Interkom je možné propojit s přístupovým systémem.


Zadní vchod může být střežen i kamerovým systémem.

What Your Family House or Apartment Can Do:

Whether you live in an apartment or a larger family house, you usually want to ensure that everything inside is completely safe. This applies to both your property and your family members.

A simple access control system for your family house or apartment will keep all unauthorized visitors away. All you need to do is set access rights for all residents and provide them with ID elements they will use to unlock doors. These elements can include cards, tags, fobs, or even mobile phones.

Camera system that connects to the access control system and reliably deters all uninvited visitors. What is more, even if something did happen after all, you have a recording at your disposal that you can hand over to the police to identify the culprit.

Your home security can also include an electronic security system or even a comprehensive fire protection system.

Intercom that can be used to identify visitors by voice and visually before you let them into your home.

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