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Access control, Location and Record Keeping

Large businesses usually require complex solutions, but even small companies can be equipped with smart solutions to ensure their efficient operation. With our systems, you can control access to your premises, monitor your employee performance, and track the movement of people and things. Our offer includes a plethora of smart solutions that keep all aspects of your business operations in mind.


An access control system installed at the entrance will grant access only to an authorized person.


Your garage can be opened even via your phone. This also allows you to easily grant access to a visitor.


Elevator controls can be linked to the access control system.


Our attendance system will track of arrivals and departures, including reasons for them.


Thanks to the installation of  imaWAN sensors, you can monitor the quality of the environment in real time.


Employee locker cabinets have many uses. It is possible to open them even using an employee card.


Still using keys? A key management safe will allow you to keep track of who has the key to a particular room.


With our A5 system, vending machines can dispense goods using a staff or debit card.

IMA’s solution has finally brought order to our card usage. We have our own card centre handling the photography and issuing of cards to students and staff. Each user is assigned rights to enter only designated areas. We no longer know what forgotten, lost or unreturned keys are.

Ing. Ladislav Žůrek

Head of the CIT department at VFU in Brno

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