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With our parking systems, which use only the most advanced technology, you get a reliable and efficient tool that ensures safe, organized, and fully automated parking.



Our parking systems can be used wherever a comprehensive parking solution for employees and/or visitors is needed. Whether you are a business and need to link employee parking to an access control system, or you manage a publicly accessible site and would like to start collecting parking fees, we have a system to meet all your specific requirements.



All our parking systems use the latest communication, identification, payment, and security technologies. What is more, the individual components are extremely robust and long-lasting and can easily cope even with adverse weather conditions. They have also been tested for mechanical durability.



Each car park is different and therefore requires different types and number of components, different number of access corridors, barriers, etc. We will tailor the systems so that they perfectly suit the operating conditions of your car park.



Our parking systems can operate as fully integrated and automated solutions, but can also be supplemented with CCTV monitoring centers with employees if required. This will then provide an additional option to deal with crisis situations while also acting as a security feature.

PARKING SYSTEMS: Which variant to choose?

The main criteria for choosing:


Type of workplace to which the car park is assigned


Requirements for the overall complexity of the system


Connection to third party systems


Requirements for combined solutions

Company  parking

Public  parking

When selecting a parking system, it is necessary to consider the nature of the area in which the system will operate.

Do you need to provide parking for your company employees or are you looking for a system for public parking?

How does the parking system work?

The principle of operation differs greatly for each variant of the parking system. In the case of the company system, employees identify themselves upon arrival with their assigned ID element (tag, fob, card, mobile phone, etc.) or are automatically let in by the camera system based on the vehicle registration number. Alternatively, the gate can be opened manually after visual verification by the gatekeeper. Since it is not required for employees to make any payments, the system for companies usually does not include a payment terminal.

However, the terminal is vitally important for public car parks, which necessitate the installation of a payment terminal and a QR/barcode ticket booth issuing identification tickets. If a visitor is required to make a payment, they must pay it at a designated place, otherwise the system will not allow them to leave the car park.

How is the parking system implemented in practice?


We will start by finding out what you require, what you expect, and what your budget is.


Afterwards, we will check what other systems or applications you need to connect the parking system to.


Next, we will propose a solution.


If you agree, we will get started: We will prepare detailed documentation on what components to use and what will need to be prepared technically or structurally.


We will install the parking system and make it operational.


We will train your administrators and show them how to operate the system.


Maintenance of the system is conducted by us or a third party under a traditional maintenance contract.


In addition to traditional ID cards and key fobs, mobile phones can also be used. Not only as a card – by attaching the phone to a reader – but mainly using Bluetooth technology at a distance of several meters.

Depending on the system selected, you can pay in cash, by debit card, or by subscription card.

Can the company variant of the parking system be connected to any third-party systems?

In principle, technically, yes. However, it is necessary to consider possible limiting factors, such as the interface or the cooperation (or lack thereof) of the third party 😊

Yes, but again – this depends on the configuration of the system and its required connection to other systems.

Contact us with confidence. When it comes to such installations and their long-time servicing, we can rely on years of experience.

Service support is a matter of course. Its scope is determined by the user’s requirements – from a form of endless warranty extension to ad-hoc service.

We can help you with your project