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Combined Payment Machine

Our combined payment machine offers the best of what the payment machine segment has on offer today. Like our other machines, it offers the possibility of convenient and fully automated payments, but in this case, there are no limitations as for what you have to choose to pay with. Whether it is a fee, fine, or a product, everything can be paid for with either card or cash, and the same goes for topping up university or company cards.

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Various ways of identifying payers

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Fully GDPR compliant

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Variability, customization according to individual requirements

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Possibility to connect to internal systems and networks

A solution suitable for:

Main advantages of the system



Whether it is collecting fees, paying fines, paying for services, or topping up university cards, our combined payment machine allows you to make these transactions in one place in a fully self-service, easy to understand manner. We will prepare the machine so that it is designed to best serve your desired purpose.



Thanks to its large touch screen and intuitive menu, our combined payment machine is easy to use for everyone involved. What is more, as its design is extremely robust, you do not need to worry about potential vandals.



We can connect your machine to any network on request, whether it is a council network, a university network, or your internal accounting system. This will allow you to verify all transactions and check operational data at any time. Within the network, the payment machine functions as a regular device with its own IP address. High variability in terms of connectivity is one of the main strong points of this solution – it makes it suitable for virtually any place where payments are made.



When it comes to cash payments, do you want the machine to accept only coins, bills, return change, or even recycle bills? No problem! We will prepare the machine’s innards to perfectly meet all your requirements. You are free to choose whether the machine will include a coin tray, how it will work with coins, or what it will be able to return. We use only tested components in the preparation of the machine and guarantee their quality.



All transactions go to your bank’s settlement center based on the bank terminal provider you use, and payments can be made by any card.
IMA is certified by the following bank terminal providers: CR GPE – ČS a.s., ČSOB and SONET, SK AXASOFT and PRINTEC Slovakia.



All transactions that require identification of the payer are carried out in full compliance with GDPR rules. The machine only works with selected identification elements that you assign to a specific user in your own system.



There are several ways in which individual payers can be identified. The basic option consists of identification via the variable system, but if such a thing is required, we can set up the machine to identify payers by barcode, QR code, or unique payer number.



Thanks to the administration program that we provide, you have access to operational data that allows you to keep accurate records of payments. As for maintenance of the machines themselves, that is our job. For an annual fee, we provide full service support.

How does the combined payment machine work in practice?

The machine acts as a self-service transaction point where the payer pays an administrative fee, a fine, pays for a service, or tops up a university card.

As part of the payment, the payer identifies himself/herself by one of the ID elements that associates the payment with a specific name in your system.

The combined payment machine is equipped with a large touchscreen display that guides the payer safely through the entire payment process.

We will configure the payment machine, its innards, and the payment process itself to your requirements to best suit the nature of your workplace and the purpose of the payment.

Our payment machines are used by:

2× combined payment machine for collecting administrative fees
City of Brno

Details about our combined payment machine

Basic characteristics

Most common applications


Contactless card reader: Ingenico iUC 150

Computer network connection: 100 Mbps network card

Power input: 100-240 V

Power output: 15 V

Operating temperature: -5°C up to +40°C

Payer identification

Together, we will select the identification elements so that they allow the simplest possible operation within your internal network


Anti-Vandal design, protected vents and hinges, locked access to control unit, keyless electronic lock, security safe, covered coin and note insertion slot.

How is the combined payment terminal installed and operated?


We will start by discovering what you need our combined payment machine for.


Next, we will ask you about the network it will need to be connected to and how you intend to operate it afterwards.


After that, we will propose a solution.


Based on the requirements for network connection and configuration of the machine itself, we will send you a price offer together with all necessary information.


We will agree on an installation date, install the machine, and put it into operation.


After installation, we will train your employees and show them how to operate the machine.


All done! For an annual fee, we provide full service support for all IMA machines.


Sufficient space for the anchoring of the payment machine, the possibility of connecting the terminal to the electrical grid and, in the case of connection to economic systems, a data connection via Ethernet.

We can supply payment terminals communicating with banks in the Czech Republic: GPE – ČS a.s., ČSOB and SONET and SK AXASOFT and PRINTEC Slovakia.

Depending on your requirements and the necessary components, the price of the cashless payment machine will range from 350 000 CZK up to 750 000 CZK.
Additional costs must be considered if we need to connect the payment machine to your economic system (50 – 120 000 CZK).

Can we connect the machine to our accounting system?

Our payment machines are operated on-line with the accounting system of the following companies: Gordic – SW Ginis and MARBES CONSULTING s.r.o.

Payer identification can be solved by logging in on the screen or by scanning barcodes or QR codes.

If you need our payment machines to be connected to your internal network, a data connection via Ethernet is required.

  • Regular checks of the System – checks are carried out by our specialist
  • Regular prophylactic inspections of the entire System
  • System monitoring and remote diagnostics
  • Professional assistance for the employee responsible

We can help you with your project

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