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Healthcare Facilities

Access control systems, vending machines, payment and information kiosks

Are you looking for a solution for a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facility?

Medical facilities usually require complex solutions.


Our access control system installed at the main entrance will not let anyone in outside of visiting hours.


To enter the premises of the facility, you can use a combined system for both paid and employee parking.


Our payment machines will simplify the collection of administrative fees.


Taking the temperature of employees when they enter the workplace helps to detect potentially infectious persons. At the same time, the terminal detects whether someone is wearing a mask.


All data collected during working hours is stored in the database of the attendance terminal.


Vending machines can be used to sell goods to visitors as well as provide employees with necessary equipment.


To lock and unlock lockers or boxes, you can use your employee card.


Thanks to the imaWAN sensors, you can monitor the quality of the environment in real time.


Still using keys? A key management safe will allow you to keep track of who has the key to a particular room.

What Your Building Can Do:

Most public and private healthcare facilities share the same goal – to be as friendly to their patients and visitors as possible.

Therefore, seamless operation throughout opening hours and, of course, safety for everyone present are absolutely crucial.

Payment machines: cash, cashless, and combined.

Vending machines: sale of beverages, snacks, but also protective equipment for visitors and employees (possibility of discounted prices or employee/patient benefits).

Locker cabinets: controlled boxes/mailboxes

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