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IMAporter Pro

Robust access control system suitable for large and medium-sized companies. It can do everything that the lower IMAporter series of access control systems can, but in addition, thanks to its huge variability and many modules, the system can be tailored to suit the needs of even the most demanding clients.

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Unlimited number of entry points

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Compatible with OtevírejMobilem (Mobile Access Platform) app

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Connectivity to other systems, more than 50 modules

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System is managed by your security or IT department via desktop app

A solution suitable for:

Main advantages of the system


We can connect the access control system to anything

Are you using an information system in your company, for example SAP, OKsystem, Elanor, or something else? Or do you just need to share data between your catering, parking, and attendance systems? We can link the IMAporter Pro access control system to any other system, so you do not have to enter people’s names into several systems repeatedly.


More than 50 expansion modules

Each of our customers gets a different access control system – this is due to the number of modules we can expand it with. In one interface, you can thus manage e.g. IoT sensors, keys, building security, reception desks, or vending machines.


Safety first

Each version of our system is designed so that it knows exactly how to behave in crisis situations. We will prepare your access control system so that it can work even in case of a power failure or in off-line mode – IMAporter Pro will keep running and you will not notice a difference.


Lifetime support and service

We have been developing our access control systems for more than 20 years. They have a history of reliable operation for clients both large and small. This is also because the system can be upgraded to new versions in the long term – there is no need to replace it. What is more, we carry out regular “preventative inspections” and provide our customers with a tailor-made service to suit their specific needs.


NSA certification – level 4 (top secret)

The IMAporter Pro access control system has been certified “Top Secret”, making it suitable for authorities or companies that require this verification. The system comes with a number of security features and functions, including multi-factor user authentication at entry (e.g. using a card and biometrics).


Plenty of smart features

We can prepare the system for almost any scenario. For example, we work with bounded zones – we can allow a user to enter certain doors only if they have successfully passed through others. Similarly, we will not allow a visitor to leave the premises unless they have an ID card in their pocket.


Access with cards, tags, phones, or fingerprints

All our systems can work with cards, tags, fingerprints, and phone readers with NFC or Bluetooth technology. New features include additional biometric identification methods such as authentication using a facial or bloodstream scan on the palm of the hand.

One system, vast possibilities of use

More than 50 expansion modules

When the system is installed for the first time, we are sure the basic modules are more than enough.

However, in the future, you can easily expand it with new features at any time. The list of our expansion modules contains more than 50 entries, all of which allow the access control system to fully adapt to your specific needs. The picture shows just some of the modules.

Extensions can be made at any time during our cooperation.

The IMAporter Pro access control system is used by:

Details about the IMAporter Pro access control system

Basic characteristics

Access management

Access rights can be set according to many different rules – for example, you can restrict access by time, calendar, or location within your building.

Compared to earlier versions of the system, IMAporter Pro can be used to set up so-called bound zones, enable multi-factor authentication, work with key management systems, and much more.

Technical parameters

Types of identification media: no limitations – cards, tags, phones, face scan, fingerprint, and bloodstream scan (according to customer’s request)

Certification: individual elements and the system as a whole are certified by the NSA

Links to information systems: SAP, OKsystem, Elanor, DTC, Flux, ComArr, C4, ABI, SBI, Integra, and others

Backward compatibility: full support of previous generation HW

Backward compatibility

We want our systems to serve you for as long as possible. That is why all our older generations of systems can always be upgraded to newer versions.

How is an access control system implemented in practice?


We will start by finding out what you require, what you expect, and what your budget is. For larger projects, we always do an initial analysis and project design to find out what issues you need to solve.


After that, we will check what other systems or applications you need to connect the access control system to.


Next, we will propose a solution.


If you agree, we will get started: We will prepare detailed documentation on what components to use and what will need to be prepared technically or structurally.


We will install the access control system and make it operational.


We will train your administrators and show them how to operate the system.


We will provide you with technical support to the extent of your choice.


Definitely, because with us, you get a system that is tailored to your specific needs and also one that grows with you, adapting to your changing requirements. This is the fifth generation of an extremely robust system that can be configured and expanded to an almost unlimited extend.

IMAporter Pro’s lifespan is virtually unlimited. For over 30 years, we have been developing and adding to it directly in collaboration with our customers. Today’s fifth generation software is fully compatible with previous generations of HW – as our customers will attest. Many have been using our system for decades and have grown with us.

Is it possible to check somewhere how your systems work in practice?

Of course, we are happy to arrange reference visits or reports. After an initial introduction to your needs, we will select the most suitable reference installation together. And if everything goes well, we will be happy to list you as a new reference in a year’s time😊

Of course! We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the way forward. After the first visit, we should realistically be able to estimate the scope of the offer and prepare the documents that are needed for a detailed calculation. This consultation is of course free of charge.

Long-term service support is a matter of course and also something we are immensely proud of – after all, some of our customers have been working with us for over 25 years. Every installation – no matter the complexity – comes with long-term support. Depending on the needs and demands of the project, we are also able to arrange customized support and response time options.

Power and communication outages are among the basic risks that a properly designed access control system should be able to address. Consideration of all risks is the first order of business in project analysis and specification. What we mean by that is a description of the basic functionality in various exceptional situations, together with the customer’s requirements for how the system should behave in such cases.

For integrators



Do you need to integrate our software or hardware OEM products into your own existing systems?

You are in the right place!

Most of our systems are designed to integrate with third party systems.

Do you want to integrate our software with your HW, or do you only require our readers or controllers?

We can help you with your project

Or contact our specialist in this area directly.