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Smart Cities and IoT

Smart Cities, IoT and Smart Home

Integrate IoT elements into public spaces and homes to minimize security risks, reduce operational costs, and improve living standards. Not sure where to start? Contact us.


The Principle of Smart Management

The principle of smart management is the interconnection of independent electronic systems into one complex system that can control itself after initial setup. Systems that were initially independent can communicate with each other, evaluate the current situation, and react accordingly.

To implement smart management, we use various sensors, electronic locks, contactless identifiers, Wi-Fi, GSM locators, and also a smart type of switching relay (actuator).

We focus on modern communication technologies with good security and low power consumption (LoRa, BLE 4.1., NFC, SigFox, etc.).


Examples of IoT Applications in Cities (Smart City):

  • regulation of street lighting according to presence of people, intensity of sunlight, or time of day
  • regulation of traffic lights according to presence of people, cars, or time of day
  • reporting of the status of garbage bins according to actual quantity of contents for the needs of the garbage collectors
  • measurement of air quality according to temperature, humidity, O2, CO2, CO, N2, CH4, radioactivity, etc.
  • activation of alarm systems according to critical values measured or as required
  • fire risk reporting according to humidity, precipitation, etc.
  • activation of flood barriers according to water flow or limit-exceeding levels
  • updating information signs according to traffic, weather, or as required
  • interconnection of city information systems for more convenient use by citizens
  • optimization of public transport operation according to actual number of passengers
  • optimization of pedestrian and car infrastructure according to movement of people
  • optimization of sales and marketing activities according to number and movement of people
  • interconnection of camera systems with GSM localization for easy identification of offenders

Examples of IoT Applications in Buildings (Smart Home):

  • control of heating and air conditioning according to time of day or presence of people
  • regulation of ventilation according to CO2, humidity, etc.
  • lighting control according to time of day or presence of people
  • control of shading technology according to time of day or weather conditions
  • automatic activation of security technology when leaving the building or according to time of day
  • automatic locking of garage doors when leaving the building
  • switching appliances on and off as required or according to energy tariffs
  • reporting on stock levels (food in the fridge, detergents in the washing machine, etc.)
  • automatic irrigation of plants according to soil moisture or time of day/season
  • alarm according to measured values of CO2, CO, N2, CH4, radioactivity, etc.
  • reporting of atypical situations related to any of the IoT elements used

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