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Dispensing and Payment Automation


Vending machines can replace cafeterias, warehouses, even cashiers. They are always on hand and work 24 hours a day. What is more, they allow you to get up-to-date statistics without much effort.

Choose one of our systems or contact us pro komplexní řešení.


All our systems can be installed and operated on machines of different types and manufacturers

The main strengths of our vending machine systems include their adaptability and high variability.

It does not matter what type of machine you own, what it dispenses or who made it – we can run our system on virtually any platform.


Robust systems with years of experience

All variants of our vending machine management system can draw on the many years of experience of our developers. During this time, we have managed to create a truly robust piece of work that will easily meet all the requirements of any workplace.


The systems are easy to manage for both administrators and users

When developing our systems, we focus not only on their technical quality, but also ensure they are easy for you to use. What is important to us is not only the comfort of the user, but also of the administrator in charge of the system.

Machines with our systems can be found here:

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