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IMAcheck Attend

Are you in the market for a smart system that allows you to quickly and easily record and keep track of the arrivals and departures of your employees, pupils, students, or anyone else?

With IMAcheck Attend, you will always know what is going on at your place. In addition to basic information such as who, when, where, and for how long, you can also find out what the person did and what the results of their actions were.

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System for keeping records of arrivals and departures

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Verification of staff and student performance

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Basic information and advanced features

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Intuitive administration

A solution suitable for:

Main advantages of the system


Records of arrivals and departures

IMAcheck Attend allows you to collect basic information about what goes on in your workplace – who came to your place, what time they arrived, and how long they stayed. This gives you an overview of what is going on at your site, as well as the confidence that there are enough employees on site to do the work required.


Intuitive technology, easy administration

As part of the system’s operation, your employees will work with smart ID technologies that are extremely intuitive to manage. They will be using an attendance terminal installed at the workplace which they will log into using their assigned identification media. What is more, the system itself is highly mobile and can travel with you all over the world.


Possibility of setting control functions

One of the greatest strengths of the IMAcheck Attend system is its flexibility – we can set it up to perfectly meet all your needs, in addition to its basic functions. This also includes the option to set up control functions, i.e. notifications that you will receive as soon as the system detects one of the preset risk situations – too few employees at the workplace, late arrival, early departure, working during free time, etc.


Affordable solution

If you are looking for a smart and simple system to keep track of arrivals and departures that will not strain your budget, you are in the right place – all identification hardware is reasonably priced, while the system itself is honestly quite cheap to operate.


Wi-Fi and mobile data

Data from the terminal is transferred via Wi-Fi or data network. You then have immediate access to it via an on-line administrative interface. If your terminal temporarily finds itself without any connection, no need to worry! In such a case, the data will be stored off-line and uploaded as soon as it is connected again.


Data output in any format

The data collected can serve a variety of purposes, which is reflected in the varying requirements for its output formats. There are virtually no limitations when it comes to format, and we will send the individual outputs to wherever you want. Moreover, you can check everything yourself in the on-line interface.


Connection to third party systems

IMAcheck Attend is characterized by its high variability in terms of connection to third-party systems. Do you need our attendance system to communicate with an existing system you are currently using? No problem! All will be tailor-made for you to suit your specific needs.


Fees only for usage

As with other record keeping systems in the IMAcheck family, you only pay for the service when you use it.

How can IMAcheck Attend work in practice?

Suppose you manage a workplace or learning center and you would like to keep track of the arrivals and departures of your employees or registered students. Therefore, you assign all persons who have access to your premises their own identification element and install an attendance terminal in the facility itself.

When a student/employee arrives, he/she registers at the terminal. You thus have immediate information on who has arrived, what time it was and, depending on the configuration of the system, data on the visitor’s intended activity.

Before they leave, they again register their departure at the terminal. The data collected in this way can be used, for example, to monitor individual employees, to improve the operation of the facility, or to detect and resolve risk situations.

Our attendance terminals are currently used by:

Mobile terminals on the buses of contracted carriers serve as validators for subsidized employee transport. Data from the terminals is used directly as a basis for payroll accounting.
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Details about the IMAcheck Attend attendance system

Basic characteristics

Technologies used

Most common applications

Data management

Primarily, you manage the data yourself in the on-line interface. On request, we can send you the data outputs in virtually any format.

How is the access control system implemented in practice?


We start with an initial consultation to discover what type of facility you operate and what you intend to use our attendance system for.


Depending on the scale of the operation, we will then determine the number of components required, and agree on how to work with the data collected.


We will prepare a summary price offer for you. Upon request, we can also offer you a data package.


If necessary, we will prepare an extension of the system tailored to your requirements.


We are on our way to you! We will install the system exactly as we agreed.


All done! The system is fully functional and operational. Your workplace runs smoother than ever.


If you no longer need our services, you simply unsubscribe – you only pay for IMAcheck Attend when you actually use the system.


The purchase of each of our systems is always preceded by an individual price offer. The quotation is always based on the specific requirements and complexity of the customer’s wishes.

Due to open interfaces of third-party systems, we can integrate our systems into the customer’s environment virtually without any limitations.

How does the attendance terminal work?

The attendance terminal records the arrival or departure after an identifier (card, mobile phone, etc.) is presented. In addition, it has the possibility to record the choice of the reason for this passage – e.g. leaving for a business trip, etc.

Which ID elements are most suitable?

You can choose from a wide range of RFID tags or ID cards, but you can also use mobile phones.

The data is stored off-line in the terminal and downloaded to the cloud when the device connects to the network.

Every installation – no matter the complexity – comes with long-term support. Depending on the needs and demands of the project, we are also able to arrange customized support and response time options.

We encourage you to contact us – no matter your requirements, we will design a solution that will suit your specific needs.

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