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Modular System for Safe Data Collection in Industry 4.0

07/2019 – 12/2021
Institut mikroelektronických aplikací s.r.o.
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Modular System for Safe Data Collection in Industry 4.0
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About project

The project MOSS focuses on the current situation where ICT systems are increasingly aggressively attacked in order to harm their activities and users. The issue of SW tools to protect large ICT systems against attacks is intensively developed by a number of reputable companies. Far less attention is devoted to technology and sensory systems, which are increasingly being deployed in the field of manufacturing technologies, IOT and automobiles. The aim of the project is to create a comprehensive security solution ‘Modular System for Safe Data Collection’ (SBSD). The system will be designed so that it can be implemented as a safety innovation also on already operating large ID and other technology systems. The solution will include advanced applications for digital signal transmission and processing, and for cod, cryptographic data and communications protection. From the point of view of the technical solution, the output of the project will also be another system extension of the IDSIMA identification system of IMA, on which SBSD will also be tested during the research and development work. From this point of view, the submitted project strongly supports the IMA development strategy.

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