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Automotive Intelligence for/at Connected Shared Mobility

05/2021 – 04/2024
Infineon Technologies AG
Project Name:
Automotive Intelligence for/at Connected Shared Mobility
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About project

The AI4CSM project will develop advanced electronic components and systems (ECS) and architectures for future massmarket ECAS vehicles. This fuels the digital transformation in the automotive sector to support the mobility trends and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable green and digital economy. Having assembled some of Europe’s best partners from industry, research and academia, AI4CSM will deliver key innovations in technical areas including: sensor fusion and perception platforms; efficient propulsion and energy modules; advanced connectivity for cooperative mobility applications; vehicle/edge/cloud computing integration concepts; new digital platforms for efficient and federated computing; and intelligent components based on trustworthy AI techniques and methods. ECAS vehicles enabled by embedded intelligence and functional integration for future mobility, becomes the pivotal factor for the automotive sector to address the Green Deal principles. AI4CSM consists of 8 collaborative R&D clusters, gathering 41 partners from 10 countries.
AI4CSM will reinforce user acceptance and affordability by convenience and services for the major transition to a diverse mobility. AI4CSM addresses the increasing demand of mobility, supporting future traffic concepts and strengthen the European automotive manufacturing base as a global industry lead.

IMA will develop the software module for secure communication, the data gateway, and cloud services (V2I) for the sharing platform of connected vehicles. Results of the objects recognition and perception will activate the personalized cloud services, which will enable an improved end-to-end security for the vehicle access rights management. The decision optimization on the cloud level will be forced by the AI algorithms. Objects detection in close proximity of the vehicle will be monitored based on the ToF methods. Detection of movement, gestures supported by the AI decision algorithms will forces the User2Vehicle identification process and the secure car access services.

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