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On Tuesday, 25 July, the new “Anděl Park” office in Prague’s Smíchov district was officially opened. The new office space will be shared by development & sales teams of IMA, WITTE Automotive and WITTE:digital.

Since the signing of the lease agreement, not even half a year ago, the implementation of the building modifications of the premises has gone well and the development teams of Jiří Havlík from IMA, Radek Dučka from WITTE Automotive and Miroslav Ryzek from WITTE:digital have already moved in. Soon, the space dedicated to the IMA sales department will be filled as well.

It was an honour to welcome the representatives from WITTE Automotive – Patrick Schlosser (Head of System Engineering); Thomas Termin (responsible for cybersecurity) and Philip Breitenfeld (responsible for quality) and of course Lukas Aldinger – the official “bridge builder” between IMA and WITTE, at the opening ceremony.

After short speeches by IMA Directors Tomáš Jindra and Karel Kalivoda, the office tour followed. The visitors had the opportunity to see the new premises and enjoy a friendly meeting with refreshments.

The new joint branch office “Anděl Park” represents a significant step for all companies involved and at the same time strengthens the cooperation of Prague based teams. These new cooperation possibilities and innovative working environment promise mutual growth and success in the field of pre-development and development not only in the automotive sector, but also in identification and telematics.


News in IMA​

In cooperation with GPE, we have launched a pilot project for the Květomat in Ostrava.


IMA supplied a key recording system for personal assistants. At the same time, the mobile app makes it easy for each personal assistant to see if their keys are ready for the next shift.

From 19 to 21 March, IMA will once again participate in AMPER 2024, presenting the IMAporter IDcloud cloud-based identification system, including its innovative variant for schools – Vrátnícheck, and of course our flagship IMAporter Pro – K4, a comprehensive identification and attendance solution for industrial enterprises. We’d also be happy to talk to you about real-time localisation, IoT, SmartCities or Industry 4.0.

Dear business friends,

thank you for your cooperation this year.

We wish you a lot of health, happiness and work success to the new year.


We’re looking forward to meet you in 2024