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Lunchdrive food vending machines


Lunchdrive food vending machines

The integration of our A5 system into the vending machines has simplified food dispensing at TE Connectivity Trutnov.
This week, the dispensing of ordered dinners in Lunchdrive via IMA s.r.o. food vending machines started. Employees simply use their ID to pick up their food at any time during the evening shift until the next morning. The vending machine dispenses the food, the information is entered into Quick collaboration and connection, a few queries sent to the API and we are up and running. Modifying the specific labels to label the vending machine meals was just a taste of the whole process. Created for Pratr a.s., used in TE Connectivity Trutnov. It was an honour to connect, make the operation more convenient, save time and costs for all parties involved.
Tomáš Hnilica
Lunchdrive Founder & CEO

We create our smart solutions with ease of integration in mind. Therefore, we look forward to every new collaboration and the new possibilities it brings to our clients.

The already large family of partners of our sales systems has recently grown by another member – the company – a supplier of software for complex catering management in companies.

Together we are able to dispense lunch ordered by an employee at any time of the day using a vending machine at the workplace and not only that.

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